'ignite your true self'

Healing Yourself is Connected to Healing Others.

Yoko Ono

Learning to be a Healer

Born clear minded with wisdom beyond my years, I posess a quiet, natural meditative mind, knowing spirit, intuitive and empath.  (Wasn’t until I was an adult, did I know I had the gift of healing.)

Growing up, I knew specifics about people in my world. To me this was my life, it wasn’t until around 10; I found not everyone has these gifts. I was told to stop by family (who didn’t know of such energies), it wasn’t natural.

I recall my mother telling me it was impossible not to have thoughts in my head. ‘People just don’t do that’. I cried saying ‘OK mother.’  Even so, I continue to feel, know and see with a common sense approach to living enlightened.

At a young age of 8, I noticed what people said wasn’t what they meant or sometimes truthful. I heard patterns in their lies, in the wishful words of optimism, pain, and happiness: information unsaid, and the truths held in silence. I discerned heartaches from triumphs, wishes from losses, joys from worries – who need a hug and who to stay far a field of.

My grandmother taught me to acknowledge these insights, to continue to listen to hear with understanding.

Growing up in a home where being heard wasn’t a priority, listening became a way of life. I continued to learn from my grandmother until she died – she’d say, “To listen is the path to know; where common sense tells you when and what to share, and when to be silent.”

When I was in my early thirties, I went to a healer to understand the energy in my hands, and heat that would move around my body. As far as I could remember I felt this heat. He, the healer told me I had powerful energy, which I could heal and probably had for years treated people and animals through non-directed energy.

Non-directed energy is when those near me benefit from my healing power.  Often people don’t know what it is; I didn’t realise I was doing it either and leave being near me happy.  This explained why people and animals unknown to me sit by near, smile and go.

Wild animals when in their presence seem to move by me effortlessly without my disturbing their moment (or mine): I say hello each moves on: bears, wolves, coyotes, hare, birds, and others.

At this moment I work well with energy, in directing to those who permit.  I use energy healing as part of my yoga therapy practice.

‘I know each person anew, each time we meet’.

From a space of Stillness is where I begin to work with you as a client.  Here I am present for you use my senses, intuition and experience to learn about you and how we are to proceed.

In being still, you are given time, respect and privacy – I support you to eliminate blocks and pain in stripping away the layers of your pasts, emotions and experiences to heal, balance and live joyfully.

We all come from various backgrounds –your interpretations may or may not reflect who you indeed are.  Your beliefs often don’t acknowledge change, growth, age and experiences.

In our sessions, the objective is for you to create a free flow of energy which provides answers to what you need to cleanse, awaken, balance and unblocked. You aim to balance all areas of your life for health and happiness. Once stabilised, you may embrace Stillness.

NOTE: I do not need specific causes or reasons for your pain, imbalance or trauma – You only need to want to heal. Each time you speak of this you relive the situation, engraining it into your body/mind hindering true healing.

Embracing Stillness

I concede. Stillness is not a comfortable space to ask you to move into.  Silence is a blessing once achieved, but a challenge to get there for some while others find it a relief.  It involved shedding your mask, facing your demons and fears, healing traumas, discovering your joys in the true you.

Sitting still with yourself takes courage and compassion.

You can choose any of the modules offered or concentrate on self-healing and maintaining a balance from within.  We use meditation, mindfulness, energy awareness, yoga and some talk therapy to help you process.  You come away with a full toolbox.

Example: A routine to clear blockages is worked on with specific yoga exercises. Powerfully to diminish your depression or anxiety permanently or with fewer reassurances.

For many of my clients, this is a challenge because often for the 1st time they are being heard, accepted, supported and admired as they are. No prior judgement enter; No preconceived ideas; just an acceptance to heal your pain.

Moving toward your Stillness is the journey to healing long-term.

I work with dedicated adults and late teens who want to make significant changes in their lives, business and relationships. Clients come from varied backgrounds of the arts, professions and trades.

These clients are those that want to find answers, make changes and go deep. I seldom work with those who swim in the shallow end, but sometimes I do with excellent results.

You are welcome to use my shoulder to cry on or need someone just to listen. I am here.

 Additionally, I work with the LGBT and battered women and men communities.