'ignite your true self'


Skype ~ E-Mail ~ In-Person
All sessions are confidential.


  • Client directed.
  • Modules offered are suggestions only.
  • Include techniques of Stillness, Mindfulness, Meditation, Yoga & Direct and In-Direct Healing.
  • Sessions – 4 per month, booked 2 each week, each bi-weekly.


  • In Person Only.
  • Client directed Healing Sessions.
  • Direct and Non-Direct Healing techniques used.
  • Some techniques of stillness, mindfulness, meditation & yoga may be used.
  • Sessions may be booked as 1 session or in groups of 4.


  • Client Directed with all e-mails are encrypted and never shared.
  • E-mails are referring topics, questions or instructions of your choice sent before 10:00 the same day each week(s)
  • A response is given before 16:00 / 4 pm that the same day.
  • You may ask questions & clarifications, the same day to get a response before the next morning.


  • This session is to help you calm & focus rather than a physcal hug.
  • When you feel overwhelmed, challenged, frustrated, out-of-sorts or exhausted. You may also be distraught, confused, tearful and feel hopeless for that moment.
  • I help you to calm, re-focus and prioritise with a listening ear, acknowledgement, acceptance of your situation.
  • You gain direct solutions and best actions to take in settling you.
  • You can book one session or a couple as the need arises.


  • In a fast, at times awkward world you may find yourself not heard or understood. I offer ‘Listening & Validation’. I confirm I hear you.
  • Open to your choice of subjects. No problem is necessary.
  • You can be yourself, be heard and understood.
  • Active and Passive Listening
  • Sessions maybe once in a while, weekly or monthly.