'ignite your true self'

Who should attend: Adults & Adolescents for any reason may benefit from these sessions.  Children may attend after an interview to learn if I can be of help. Parents or guadrian are required to be present.

I take my lead from you to guide me to what you need, want and may not know you need.  In the first session, we go over what your aims, desires, wants and needs are and how I best think we should proceed.

You may have a perspective in mind, or choose one or many of the modules I support in your moving forwards, your healing.

Often after a couple of sessions, we may take a different approach or skill is introduced.  You are a fluid person with great potential, when I know a path is right for you, I’ll suggest it.

The session is conversational, meditative, release and receiving healing energy. There is a give-in-take as you may need to move, shift the conversation, ask questions or be silent. I may direct you or follow depending on the intent, and what arises.

Animals are welcome in the same room.


While sessions through Skype are in your choice of space, I do encourage you to wear loose, warm and cosy clothing to help you feel at ease.  Sit in a comfortable chair or sit or lay on the floor.  I have even had someone relaxing in a hammock.  However, you wish to be as long as your position does not block your physical energy.

In Person

Sessions are offered in your chosen space – home, office, or other. Please have the room where you feel at ease, in a seated or lying position on chair or floor.  I use a contact and non-contact, non-invasive techniques, as well as conversation, listening, hearing and reactive techniques.  Like the waves of the ocean, energy ebb and flow.

First Sessions

Our introduction sessions gives you the opportunity to ask questions, tell me about yourself, not tell me much (yes you can limit what you tell me – this is your space) and what you want to achieve. We build trust.

I will review with you what happens in the session practically.  I answer any further questions that you may have at the end.

Having the first session and any subsequent session does not commit you to further sessions. You are always free to make decisions on this matter, without needing to provide any explanation.

During Sessions

Clients experience varying degrees of relaxation, depending on the subject, the dialogue you may want to bring to the surface, and type of healing, or intuitive energy in our space together.  You may be surprised what you discover about yourself and how openly you share.

Frequently I am told clients feel relief, lightness, a sense of peace, physical release, ease and a sense of balance.

When your emotions release you may cry, laugh or become upset. These feelings you may have held for years. We sit and acknowledge your feelings until you find peace as they dissipate.


Some physiological and psychical loosening, ease, greater physical comfort with a lightness of movement.

Or the results may not immediately be appreciated.  I suggest that you take 15 minutes or more to sit, have a cup of tea or lemon water and allow your mind, body and energy to acclimate.  Be still with yourself. Write questions down as they arise for our next session.

There is after session work to do; I will give you guidance on how to proceed with either exercises, suggestions, a map or all together. This instruction will keep you on track, and fully engaged in your personal development. You are welcome to e-mail me between sessions for clarity or questions.

Number of Sessions Needed

You may book one session to make a significant difference.  Though I recommend a minimum of 4 courses of treatment in the same month to make substantial shifts, healing and clearing.  You may find after a couple of sessions your therapeutic goals may change as you experience the diversity of the sessions.

I like you to have time between healing to acclimate your mind, physical self and settle your emotions in making more space to heal.