'ignite your true self'

Who should attend: Adult and Baby, Child, Adolescent with a Parent/Guardian.

Sessions offered in your chosen space – home, office, or other. Please have the room where you feel at ease, in a seated or lying position on a chair or the floor.  I use physical contact and non-contact, non-invasive techniques.  Movement of energy is like the waves of the ocean, energies ebb and flow within yourself and directed by my energy.

I take my lead from you to guide me to what you need, where the need is, or you may need help to find where and the purpose of the healing should be concentrated.

Healing sessions I prefer you to be quiet to manifest an atmosphere of openness and acceptance to heal.  Although, you may interject to direct, respond or ask a question.

No Scents: I ask that you wear no scents or oils as they interact and distract from the process to move and absorb the healing energy.

First Sessions

In your one or first session, you begin by telling me about yourself, your challenge and what you want to achieve with the healing.  You can give me some history and what you have done thus far.

I will review with you how I work and your role in the session.  I answer your questions.

Preferably I want you to begin in a reclining position. You are welcome to move as you need.  I may direct you to stand, or move you to facilitate healing.

Having the first session and any subsequent session does not commit you to further sessions. You are always free to make decisions on this matter, without needing to provide any explanation.

During Sessions

Clients experience varying degrees of active to minimal sensations in the feeling of energy.  This may be due to many reasons; emotional overload, sensitive to physical touch, the mindset of disbelief and irreverence, previously aware of your own energy, and a numbing of your senses due to stress or illness, drugs, etc.

In general, you should feel calm and able to move deep into a state of relaxation.  Some clients go to sleep or just feel sleepy.

Feelings of lightness, a sense of peace, physical release, ease and a sense of balance may also be present.

When emotions release you may cry, laugh or become upset. These feelings you may have held for years. We sit and acknowledge your feelings until you find peace as they dissipate.


After treatment, you may not immediately appreciate the effects/results.  I suggest that you take 15 minutes or more to sit, have a cup of tea or lemon water and allow your mind, body and energy to acclimate.  Be still with yourself. Write questions down as they arise for our next session.

Clients tell me:

  • the pain subsides for hours for the 1st time in years
  • gradually their pain is lifted or lightened for many months
  • some say they have no more pain after a few sessions
  • feel clear minded, overall wellbeing, comfortable
  • mobility is more natural, physically stronger
  • emotional balance, fewer ups and downs
  • rejuvenated, weight off their shoulders
  • some physiological and psychical loosening

Number of Sessions Needed

You may book one session to make a significant difference.  Though I recommend a minimum of 4 courses of treatment in the same month to make substantial shifts, healing and clearing.  You may find after a couple of sessions your therapeutic goals may change as you experience the diversity of the sessions.

I like you to have time between healing to acclimate your mind, physical self and settle your emotions in making more space to heal.