'ignite your true self'


When you feel and think your life is out of control, regain a life that works.  Reconnect actions, change behaviours to feel more productive, calm and organised. Restore a proper working life.  Additionally gain clarity of thought, reorient yourself with your life’s objectives and composure.



Learn to align your actions and goals with your beliefs, morals, philosophies, dreams & desires to live fulfilled.  Choose the right people to marry, have relationships with, partner with for business, what business to develop and/or who to work for.  Life is happier when you walk the talk of your beliefs.

Emotional Balance

Emotions ebb and flow like waves throughout our day.  Physical, mental or spiritual factors may trigger a strong ‘over the side of the boat’ wave or a barely noticeable wave.  Continual fluctuations or prolonged emotional states can affect your well-being.  Learn to balance your emotions for optimal productivity and health.


Become non-violent in actions, thoughts, words, and purpose.  When you maintain a non-violent your life, you become more secure, less dramatic and happier.  By healing pain – past or present from a life of fighting, anger, aggression, frustration and jealousy into a life lived with purpose, pleasure and joy.


Create a ‘do over’ by repatterning impractical or destructive behaviours, habits and ways of living to gain new perspectives and increased productivity.  Redesign your life for better relationships, professional satisfaction and accomplishments.


Our energy levels can heal us or be draining by making us unwell and tired. Gain increased energy by learning to clear the fog of distractions, dramas, being overwhelmed or overworked; or from illness or injury.  Balance, improve and maintain physical and mental energy through meditation, mindfulness and exercise.


Release yourself from the angst of judgement, negativity, self-pity, increase self-worth and/or high self-praise to become compassionate, accepting and human.  Become accepting of your goodness, receive and give from your heart, be proud of your strengths and accept your weaknesses, to draws out your compassion.

Three Freedoms

The first freedom is from a reaction to the past; you are fighting against, you want to get rid of it, you are obsessed with pain, hurt, mistakes and regrets.   The second freedom is from the future: visions, dreams, fears of what will be, perfectionism and more.  The third freedom is pure freedom; free to be yourself, free to take action as you see is best for the present; to be productive and move without procrastination and fear.


Free or minimise from fixating thoughts on an event, yourself and other’s behaviours for a moment or a day causing you to suffer.  When you continue to rethink, evaluate, make judgements, frustrations, and even idle non-important thoughts you become one who suffers. Learn techniques of mindlessness and stillness and compassion for yourself and others.